Chapter XV Elections 2019

A new slate of Chapter officers will be elected in November to serve a two-year term from January 2020 to December 2022. The elections process begins in August 2019.

Chapter Elections are conducted in accordance with Article VI of the By-Laws. The process begins with the appointment of a Nominating Chairman who will be a non-office holding general member appointed by the Chapter President. The Nominating Committee Chairman will appoint two non-office holding general or associate members to assist in the performance of the duties of the committee.

The committee is responsible for preparing a draft comprehensive schedule of related events for the approval of the President and Chapter officers, leading up to and including the date the election and announcement of the results. The committee should begin its work as early as possible to seek out candidates for the next election and to receive nominations from the membership.

The Chapter President will also appoint a Teller Committee chairman who will in-turn appoint two non-office holding members to assist with validating the election ballots, count the votes and announce the election results at the November General Membership meeting. Newly elected officers will be installed at the Chapter Christmas Banquet on December 14, 2019.

Positions to be elected, current incumbent and special rules.

  • Chapter President: Bill Smith, must be a General Member
  • Chapter Vice President; John Lopez, must be a General Member
  • Secretary: J. W. Martin, General or Associate Member
  • Treasurer: Buddy Gee, General or Associate Member
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Raul de la Garza, General or Associate Member
  • Assistant Secretary: David Marshall, General or Associate Member
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mike Pagel, General or Associate Member
  • Assistant Sergeant at Arms: Gordon Lee, General or Associate
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